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MaryBeth Maes

Back at it with the CFCE of the Northshore children's music programs! https://www.cfceofthenorthshore.com


Get Out and Just Like Me-MaryBeth Maes Band

Written by MaryBeth Maes, recorded with the Brian Maes Band, under Briola Records recorded and produced by Brian Maes

11 Get Out (m4a)


04 Just Like Me 1 (m4a)


Night Fell - MaryBeth Maes

With Maddy and Gina as the garden fairies... a song written for my husband. Lou Spag on bass, Jackie Damsky on violin.

The Extra Mile - The MaryBeth Maes Band - A tribute to Bill Meehan

  • Recorded at Briola Studios with my Husband Brian.. Jim on Bass, Dave on lead, Tony on the kit and John on keys. 

What I do!


Children's Educational Music Programs - MaryBeth Maes Music Movement and More

My program is interactive, using instruments, scarves, and more.  We sing, learn new songs, dance/exercise and read.  I incorporate STEM in my original songs, and sing basic instructions to the children so the littlest of them start to follow. (sitting down, standing up, cleaning up.)

CFCE of the North Shore

I am lucky to work with the CFCE of the North Shore on a weekly basis, as well as the Town of Ipswich's CFCE. Super fun learning experience for families ! https://www.cfceofthenorthshore.com

Private Parties

I bring my music program to private birthday parties and celebratory events for families and children. My rates are affordable.

Assisted Living and Senior Center Music Therapy

I have experience with Alzheimer's patients, folks with dementia, and helping families that have a loved one in hospice, with music.  I have a large song list that ranges from the early 1900's to the 70's, many different genres.  I have performed for large elder audiences, as well as smaller and room-to-room at different facilities.  I have references as well. 

BANDS! Many of them....

I have my own band, The MaryBeth Maes Band that I perform with and run, as well as an acoustic duo. I have original music we play as well as covers.   I also play with my husband Brian's Band, and am currently the lead Singer for Aerochix, all female Aerosmith cover band. These ladies rock! It's a really fun gig. I am also part of the vocal section for Barry Goudreau's Engine Room, which plays many different venues; all original upbeat rock/blues. 

I'm also part of The Sweet Janes, with Kirsten Manville on vocals, guitar, flute and mandolin, Lori Wadkins on vocals, guitar and uke, and Trish DeCaprio on vocals and fiddle.  We play some fun acoustic tunes, and the night is always filled with comedy in between! 






Feel Free to email me to obtain any referrals you'd like for children's programs or senior centers/assisted living. 

A medley of tunes for the older generation

Just a few tunes that I sing and play at senior centers and assisted living spots.




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